So, I just saw an ad…

…on Publisher’s Clearing House website (hey, you gotta enter to win!) that said something like “Why Men Pull Away-10 Ugly Mistakes Women Make That Ruins Any Chances Of A Relationship”.  I didn’t click on the ad (should have but oh well it’s gone now).  It got me steaming mad, how dare they blame the woman for the actions of her man?!!  So it got me to thinking, this would be a great topic for a blog post.  If I had a blog, which I didn’t.  I have meant to start one, what the hell, everybody and their dog has one.  Et voilà!  The Gobbledygook Goddess was born, screaming up a s storm and causing all kinds of trouble and bother.

Back to that misogynistic, steaming piece of shit ad that made me so mad.  My thoughts, just off the top of my head-stream of consciousness style:  WTF???  10 UGLY mistakes women make?? Are women supposed to dote on their man?  Don’t ever let him see you without make-up or your Spanks on? Shouldn’t men (and women) talk to their partner, be honest and tell them what’s bothering them?  What year is this?  What about the ERA ?  I thought it was an amendment that was passed in the 70’s.  As my sister told me a while ago, It was never ratified by a majority of the states, twice!  Meaning it never made it as an amendment to the constitution, ahh-yup, that’s right.  The Civil Rights Act of 1964 should have given women the same rights as men, but it didn’t…  WTF?!!  Women didn’t even get the right to vote until 1920.  While African-American MEN were granted the right to vote in 1869!!  (Note, I am aware of Jim Crow laws and the struggles black men and women have had with voting).  Do people really believe the horse shit this guy and others like him are spewing out there?  All men are jerks.  OK, not ALL men, not my dad and brothers (of course) but a lot of them.  It’s stuff like this that young women read and believe and dagnabit it’s wrong, wrong, wrong!  I would like to believe that in our modern age girls are taught that they are equal to men.  Judging by things I see on TV and online and in magazines well, you know… they’re not.  Why didn’t I click on it when I had the chance… doing google search now…

Hours later (hey, what can I say, I’m a surfing goddess, flitting from site to site-which led me to this fab article on Crackedwebsite:  The 4 Most Sexist Attempts at Giving Women Advice).  And I found the site I think is the one in question, but I won’t share it here (actually I did but after a while I had second thoughts and deleted it).   After just 5 seconds I realized that he’s trying to get you to buy his book, of course!  I did not sign up to get his newsletter, which promised to help me:

Learn what really attracts men, and:

  • What he really thinks about love & commitment
  • The real reason why men pull away
  • The one thing you need to know for a man to fall – and stay – in love

Oh my freaking gawd!  Meaning that the woman has to change her behavior to keep her man?!  As I said above, I have not shared the link to his site, just in case a young woman reads this post, goes to his site, and falls for his bullshit…  Instead I will say, to any and all women who read this:

You are not perfect, no one is.  If he expects you to be perfect, say bye-bye.

Be open and honest from the start of a relationship, hiding your preferences, likes and dislikes, religion, foibles, and political views etc. will just be a waste of your time and his if you find out 3 months later he hates your world view and is intolerant of it, and vice versa.

 If he hits you call the police!  If you’re married to him, call a lawyer!  After you call the police.

If he belittles you or alienates you from your friends and family-run!

If he, like in the ad that started my journey into the world of being a blog goddess, if he starts to “pull away” and doesn’t tell you why – it’s not your fault!


I am not an expert on relationships, far from it.  I am a woman who has been through hell and back, and I’ve got the scars to show for it (metaphorically speaking).  I am only sharing my opinions and the advice I would give to any and all who would ask.

What are your thoughts about this?  Am I a Femi-Nazi?  Do you agree 100% or not at all?  Let me know, I’m looking forward to a spirited debate, being a shoulder to cry on or just hearing that you love me, for after all I am the goddess of this blog and as such have decreed that all who enter here must worship at my feet like a dog, or not.